Reset waste ink pad counter Epson ET-2756

Bùi Gia Khánh

New member
To reset the waste ink pad counter on Epson ET-2756, you can use the Epson Adjustment Program utility. Here are the steps: Step 1: Download and install the Epson Adjustment Program for your printer model from a trusted source. Step 2: Extract and run the program as an administrator on your computer. Step 3: Select "Epson ET-2756" from the list of supported printers in the program interface. Step 4: Click on "Waste Inkpad Counter" option to open up its settings window. Step 5: Checkmark "Main Pad Counter", select "Reset" button then click “Initialize”. This will initiate a process that resets your printer's waste ink pad counter. After completion, restart your printer and it should be ready to print again without any error messages relating to waste ink pads being full or needing replacement. It is recommended that you perform this procedure only if necessary, as performing routine maintenance such as cleaning or replacing ink absorber pads may help extend their lifespan and prevent further issues with your device.