How to resolve/fix error code 4900 Canon GP-300, GP-200, GP-5300, GP-5200 step by step??

Ngô Phú Hưng

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Xin chào, tôi cần giúp đỡ về. Máy in model GP-300, GP-200, GP-5300, GP-5200 gặp lỗi "The printer hard disk is full."... Cần how to resolve/fix error code 4900 canon gp-300, gp-200, gp-5300, gp-5200 step by step??

Ngô Thu Hậu

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Press the Stop button to stop printing, and then take the following action. Cancel the print job in the job queue. Deleting Print Jobs Delete unneeded jobs stored in personal boxes. Deleting Saved Jobs