How to resolve/fix error code 3332 Canon GP-300, GP-200, GP-5300, GP-5200 step by step??

Tôi đang gặp khó khăn với việc. Máy in model GP-300, GP-200, GP-5300, GP-5200 gặp lỗi "Unsupported JPEG data format."... Cần how to resolve/fix error code 3332 canon gp-300, gp-200, gp-5300, gp-5200 step by step??

Vũ Tuấn Linh

New member
Check the JPEG data. Printable file formats are as follows. Files which conforms to JFIF 1.02 Processing method: Basic DCT Color mode: RGB/GrayScale Number of colors: 24bit/8bit Number of pixels: 38400 or less vertically and horizontally * Does not support some samplings.